Sodium metabisulfite or Sodium pyroulfite is white or yellow crystalline powder or small crystallization, with a strong SO2 smell, specific gravity 1.4, dissolved in water, aqueous solution is acid, contact with strong acid released SO2 and produce the corresponding salt.

Function of Sodium Metbisulphite

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Drinking Water Treatment

1. Using to remove excess chlorine and chloramines

2. Protect RO membranes.

Treatment of Wastewater

1. Using to remove excess chlorine in the neutralization of cyanide.

2. In special cases to remove oxygen from boiler feed water.

water treatment

Photography and Film

Using for preparing developersolutions, for acidifying fixing baths.

Cleaning and Bleaching

1. For cleaning and bleaching wool, jute, and other vegetable fibres.

 2. In the paper and pulp industry for bleaching ground wood.



1. In the cobalt producers process, Reducing agents like sodium metabisulfite (SMBS) also reacts with previously dissolved elements such as copper and magnesium that precipitate.

2. Sodium metabisulphite promotes copper activation on pyrite surface in the absence of oxygen.

3. Sodium metabisulphite is effective in suppressing pyrite when added in flotation.


Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

1. Using as reducing agent for purifying and isolating aldehydes and ketones.

2. For destroying waste bromine.

3. Used as bleach, medium in dyeing, reducing agent, rubber coagulant

4. Also used for organic synthesis, pharmaceutical and spices