How to distinguish the quality of

Sodium Hydrosulfite?

1. Light or even no odor is an indicator of high quality sodium hydrosulfite. Because the odor comes from SO2 contents in SHS, and less SO2 menas slow decomposition and more stability.

2. The optimal Ph Value of Sodium hydrosulfite sits at 6-7. Only when the sodium hydrosulfite Ph value sit at 6-7, the bleaching effect of SHS can be exerted at best.

3. Less impurity the sodium hydrosulfite contains, more effective when it is used in VAT dyes. Less impurity means higher.

sodium hydrosulfite package

THAT IS Why Guangdi Chemical Company is So Confident In Sodium Hydrosulfite Quality!

All of the above-mentioned point is realised in Guangdi Chemical.
In addition to that, our longer shel life(about 12 months) higher concentration and professional service is what makes our customer willing to trust us all the time.

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