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Everything About Guangdi Chemical in 37th Dey+Chem Brazil 2019 International Expo

Guangdi Chemical will show up in the upcoming The 37th Dey+Chem Brazil 2019. This time, Guangdi has its own Booth D11, at the Centro De Eventos PRO MAGNO, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Dye+Chem Expo focuses on all kinds of dyes and fine & specialty chemicals. Recently, the organization of the Expo has released the profile of exhibitors to the public. Anyone who belongs to these industries,  or is looking for information, business opportunities, partnerships could visit the Expo.

The registration for visitors is free. To register your visit click here:


Profile of Exhibits

All Industry:

  • Adhesives / Catalysts/ Basic chemical bulk drugs
  • Chemical Intermediates/ Cleaning chemicals,
  • Corrosion inhibitors,
  • Cosmetic Chemicals,
  • Detergent Raw Materials,
  • Dyes and dye stuffs,
  • Electro Chemicals,
  • Electroplating chemicals,
  • Fertilizers,
  • Fine Chemicals,
  • Food Chemicals,
  • Inorganic Chemicals,
  • Laboratory chemicals,
  • Oil Field chemicals,
  • Performance chemicals,
  • Petrochemicals,
  • Processing Chemicals,
  • Textile Chemicals.
  • Agro Chemicals,
  • New Chemical Materials,
  • Chemical Equipment & Engineering,
  • Chemical Control Apparatus & Instruments / Equipment,
  • Chemical Processing
  • Equipment / Machinery


(a) All kinds of dyestuff and pigment, disperse dye, acid dye, reactive dye, basic dye, direct dye, vat dye, Sulphur Dye, Indigo blue, sulfureted black, organic pigment, printing plasm, color dyestuff, etc;

(b) Various Dye intermediates;

(c) Textile, Dyeing and Finishing Auxiliary: dye dispersed/ water treatment/ preparative treatment/ printing treatment/ printing behind treatment/ treatment and machining auxiliary, inorganic pigments and ore stuff, organic impregnate, printing auxiliary, environmental and functional style auxiliary, etc;

(d) Other Auxiliary : Chemical fiber monomer, activator, chemical fiber oil auxiliary, supple auxiliary, bond, finishing auxiliary and other chemicals;

(e) Textile Industry environmental technology, quality authentication system and relative apparatus and equipments, etc. Support Services, Related Trade Publications & Web portals.


For the exhibition, our sales team will bring the newest products, ideas, and everything about our company Guangdi Chemical to the site. The products list is shown below.

Hereby we list the information about the Expo. Any one who has interests in knowing our business, do not let the chance pass away.


Guangdi Maoming Chemical Booth: L7.

Pro Magno Events Center

Av. Professora Ida Kolb, 513 – Casa Verde, Sao Paulo,Brazil.

Date: 27-29, August 2019.

Opening hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

For more information about the Expo, click here:


By Sira Shi, 5/07/2019. Information from

Guangdi Chemical attended the Latin American Coatings Show 2019 (LACS2019) making its first presence in Latin America

From 19 to 21, June, Guangdi Chemical was present at the most important exhibition for coatings in Latin America, the LACS 2019, in Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City.

  Sales and partners of Guangdi Chemical. Picture by Diego, 19/06/2019, LACS2019

The LACS 2019 is held by the National Association of Manufacturers of Paints and Inks of Mexico, with the objective to improve the development of the coating industry. The exhibition takes place every two years. This time is Guangdi Chemical’ s first presence in Mexico and Latin America.

Sales representative of Guangdi Chemical. Picture by Diego, 21/06/2019, LACS2019.

The exhibition offers an extensive exhibition area for raw material suppliers, manufacturers, and other manufacturing-related suppliers to present their products, ideas, and innovations. Also, it provides various choices to the potential buyers of coatings and related chemicals.


Sales representative of Guangdi with Clients. Picture by Diego, 20/06/2019, LACS 2019.

This year, more than 100 companies from Mexico, China, Germany and other countries from America, Europe have participated in the exhibition. Especially, highlights for The 2019 ANAFAPYT LACS forum are more than 80 conferences and courses have been taught by speakers from the country and the world. Taking this precious opportunity, Guangdi also gives his first speech at one of the conferences. During the speech, the sales representative of Guangdi Chemical introduces our company, products, our innovations and ideas to the audience.

Sales representative of Guangdi presenting the company. Picture by Diego, 21/06/2019, LACS 2019.

Anyhow, the LACS 2019 provides a precious opportunity for the companies in the field to show themselves to whoever is seeking for co-operation and Guangdi Chemical has seized the chance. We are so glad to meet friends and make partners by the exhibition. And we are looking forward to meeting new friends on this magic continent.


By Sira Shi, 26/06/2019. Shenzhen.

Guangdi Chemical at Expo LACS 2019 !!

From 19 to 21, Jun., Guangdi Chemical will be present at Centro Banamex, Mexico City as an expositor in the upcoming Expo LACS 2019, the most important international exhibition for industries of coatings, paints and other related chemicals in Latin America.

(Picture from ANAFAPYT at LinkedIn )

With the objective of promoting the development of industries related to coatings, paints and inks in Latin America, the LACS 2019 offers a super opportunity by which raw material suppliers, equipment manufacturers and other manufacturing related suppliers of paint and coatings in general can show their innovations, ideas, and developments to whoever have interests in the industries.

For our first-time presence in Latin America, we will attend the event with the help of our partner OKCHEM, the expert in global B2B chemical business. By then, we will introduce our company Guangdi Chemical, products, and our innovations to those who are looking for better solutions for their products.

Come and take a visit! you will find the most innovative and beneficial solutions for your products!

By Sira Shi, 7, Jun.